Simply enabling high-quality messaging products Direct SMS connectivity across Europe


Our outbound messaging products enable clients to communicate from enterprise application to billions of consumers across the globe. We specialize in being the local hero in European countries, offering direct connectivity to Mobile Operators. 

Direct Connectivity in Europe

Direct connectivity in European countries and high quality routing for all non-direct countries.

Local Knowledge

Local hero in direct markets, utilizing local knowledge to offer our clients advice on the best way to optimize their communication with consumers.

Two Way Messaging

Enable your customers to interact with your enterprise from their handset, through our long number and short code products.

Easy to Use Technology

Standard APIs allow clients to connect to DIMOCO messaging services quickly and easily. Support tools allow the management of services in the simplest way possible.


DIMOCO has more than 15 years’ experience of delivering messaging across the globe. Our platform offers clients a rich feature set to ensure fast and accurate delivery and receipt of messages.

Local Knowledge, Global Reach

We pride ourselves on being the local hero but we go far beyond our own borders to offer messaging products globally.

Highest Quality Routing

Clients messages utilise direct connections where possible, and if not, we find the best quality route for the best price using our dynamic routing engine

Carrier Grade Platform

Highly scalable, available and reliable infrastructure that allows DIMOCO to offer clients the best quality products at the best prices.

Support for Mobile Number Portability

Number look ups to check for number portability means we are able to successfully deliver your message no matter where they are.

Quality Assurance

We constantly monitor all aspects of the platform, from server to service, ensuring that the platform is stable and the quality of service is constant.


We enable our clients to provide consumers with services they want through a channel they trust. Our clients use our products to market to consumers, to offer authentication of who they are, and to manage their lives. Consumers receive marketing messages from drinks brands, account balances from their bank and even appointment reminders from their dentists. We power communication for our clients to their clients.